Rugby Song:


Soloist volunteer for each verse during the previous by raising their hand, and are chosen by a chairman (or the concensus) pointing at them.


I used to work in Chicago , in an old department store

I used to work in Chicago , but I don't work there anymore

SINGER: A woman came in for some velvet

ALL: Some velvet from the store?

SINGER: Velvet she wanted, felt she got!

ALL: Oh, I don't work there anymore!

It follows this pattern for all the verses, there are at least a thousand of them.

A computer she wanted, my wang she got

A computer she wanted, my hard drive she got

Some pork she wanted, my white meat she got

Help she wanted, my AIDS she got

A translator she wanted, my cunning-linguist she got

A board she wanted, nailed she got

A nail she wanted, a screw she got

Carpet she wanted, shag she got

A fishing rod she wanted, my pole she got

Jewelry she wanted, a pearl necklace she got

Camels she wanted, humped she got

A KitKat she wanted, four finger she got

A screen door she wanted, slammed she got

A screen door she wanted, the back door she got

Paper she wanted, a ream she got

A good deal she wanted, fu#ked she got

A cucumber she wanted, my pickle she got

A ruler she wanted, 12 inches she got

A pizza she wanted, a backdoor delivery she got

A hammer she wanted, nailed she got

A horse she wanted, donkey punched she got

An application she wanted, filled out she got

An oriental monical she wanted, my japs eye she got

A helicopter she wnated my chopper she got

you get the idea... make up your own...