Rugby Song:

The Hose

 My hose is an animal it lives in my pants
Gets between your tits given half a chance
In your gob or your sh#tter too
Or any orifice that appeals to you

Or would you rather suck my hose?
Or shall I come over you clothes?

Would you like my dick up arse?
A favourite trick of the lower class

Satisfaction is guaranteed
And you'll be farting out my seed

Oh I like a fanny that can cope with my tool
I used to fuck the teachers in bike sheds at school

My favourite trick was to lick them dry
And the go exploring with my big japs eye

And when I get feed up of that
I stick my dick up someone's cat

Would you like to sit on my face?
I really love that anchovy paste

It's even better when you are on
I love the taste of your tampon

Spread it on my sandwiches it beats mayonnaise
Get between your teeth makes your breath smell for days

I bet you think that my habits are foul
I even wash my face with a sanitary towel

I would like to tell you more
But I must go and shag my whore

While I was clearing the office of junk
I found a jar of lumpy old spunk

It looked delicious so I tried a tot
It tasted so good I drank the lot

I worked in the laundry until I got the sack
For licking all the discharges off lady's cacks

I said hold on that's a bit unfair
It is my lunch break and there's plenty to spare

I lost my job I'm on the dole
And there's a scab on my ass hole.